NuMed Collegen Particles

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NuMed Collagen Particles are spherically designed particles that consist of type 1, 100% bovine collagen that’s similar in molecular structure to the collagen found in the skin. The particles lay down a collagen matrix in the wound bed, attracting the cellular components necessary to stimulate the healing process.

• Each gram of NuMed Collagen Particle absorbs 40-60 times its weight in fluid
• Covers any size surface area
• Maintains a moist wound healing environment
• Primary dressing for infected and noninfected wounds may be used in combination with topical agents
• Conforms well to all wound surfaces
• Non-adherent
• Easy to apply and remove

NuMed Collagen Particles are indicated to manage:
• Pressure ulcers (stages 2, 3, and 4)
• Partial and full thickness wounds
• Podiatric surgical wounds
• Tunneling and undermining wounds
• Infected and noninfected wounds with drainage
• Scattered areas of slough or necrosis

1. Not to be used on patients who are sensitive to products of bovine origin
2. NuMed Collagen Particles are not recommended for third degree burns