Bordered Silicone Absorbent Dressing

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NuMed Bordered Silicone Absorbent Dressing is a highly absorbent, sterile, post-operative dressing for use on heavily exuding wounds. It is widely used to absorb and lock the blood and surgical exudates from surgical wounds, lacerations and cuts. It’s composed of a gentle silicone wound contact layer, non-woven wicking layer, a highly absorbent pad and a vapor permeable and waterproof film; is soft, highly flexible and absorbent dressing.  The silicone wound contact layer is hypoallergenic and doesn’t stick to the wound. It’s very easy in application and causes no pain for dressing changes.

• Excellent exudate management for Post-Operative wounds.
  • Highly flexible and comfortable for joints.
• No second trauma for dressing changes
• No sticking to wounds or sutures
• Easy for doctors to do wound inspection with one simple move.

NuMed Bordered Silicone Absorbent Dressing is indicated for management of moderate to high exuding wounds, including: leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, dehisced surgical wounds and donor sites.

• After wound is cleaned and sterilized, the appropriate size dressing is selected to allow for sufficient space to the wound edge.
• NuMed Bordered Silicone Absorbent Dressing can be used either as a primary dressing or as a secondary dressing. When used as a primary dressing, NuMed Bordered Silicone Absorbent Dressing must be in close contact with the wound bed to ensure wound fluid is absorbed. Secure accordingly with bandage, tapes or compression.
• The frequency of changing dressing depends on the amount of exudates.
• Dressing removal can be facilitated by moistening the dressing with saline solution.
• Dispose of as normal waste. If contaminated, follow local regulations.

• Do not use this product on dry or low exuding wounds, eyes, mucous membranes or in wound cavities because the dressing swells during absorption. Do not use on third-degree burns.
• NuMed Bordered Silicone Absorbent Dressing should not be used on persons with a known allergy or hypersensitivity to the dressing or its components.
• Do not reuse. Do not use the dressing if the sterilized packaging is damaged or open.
• Do not cut the dressing, the cover must remain intact.
• Storage: Please store the product in cool and dry place, and avoid light.