NuMed Hydrogel Dressing Sheet

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Hydrogel dressings are a unique and versatile category of advanced wound care dressings. Hydrogel dressings are used for dry to moderately draining wounds. They are most often used in situations where moist wound healing is desired, and the control of drainage is of secondary concern. Hydrogels can absorb or donate moisture to the wound, depending on the relative state of hydration of the tissue and the dressing. Hydrogels are often used to facilitate Autolytic debridement in necrotic wounds, but are also used to help maintain a moist wound healing environment in clean, granulating wounds. Hydrogel dressings are seen as an essential component in many different types of wound care. This is because hydrogel dressings are designed to hold moisture at the surface of the wound, providing the ideal environment for both cleaning the wound, and allowing the body to rid itself of necrotic tissue. The moisture in the wound is also essential in pain management for the patient, and these dressings are very soothing and cooling. Therefore, it is perfect for use in a variety of different applications. With their high moisture content they also help to prevent bacteria and oxygen from reaching the wound, providing a barrier for infections.

NuMed Hydrogel Dressing Sheet is a latex free semitransparent flexible gel made from polyethylene oxide, polyvinyl alcohol and water. It can absorb excess wound exudates, maintain a moist healing environment, promote granulation and epithelialization, as well as, facilitate autolytic debridement. This dressing does not stick to wounds, can relieve pain and causes no secondary damage

• Soothes and reduces pain
• Rehydrates the wound bed
• Facilitates autolytic debridement
• Provides minimal to moderate absorption
• Allows for pain free removal at dressing change
• Permits gaseous exchange

NuMed Hydrogel Dressing Sheet is indicated for:
• Minor burns
• Skin tears
• Dry and necrotic wounds
• Superficial lacerations
• Partial thickness wounds from resurfacing procedures and skin graft donor sites
• Stage I - IV Pressure ulcers
• Diabetic ulcers
• Surgical wounds

The dressing can be left on for up to seven days determined by amount of exudate.


1. Disposable product, do not reuse. Do not use if the packaging is damaged.

2. Doctor’s instructions should be followed when using on seriously infected wounds.

3. Should not be used on heavily exudating wounds.