NuMed Ultra Foam Dressing

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NuMed Ultra Foam Dressing is made of a latex free hydrophillic polymer with a three-dimensional foam structure which is processed by the latest technological methods. It quickly absorbs high levels of wound exudates and retains them while maintaining a moist wound environment to accelerate the healing process.

• Manages moderate to heavy exudate
• Maintains a moist wound healing environment
• Permits gaseous exchange
• Provides thermal insulation
• Protects from secondary infection
• Protects wound from contamination
• Allows for pain free removal at dressing changes


NuMed Ultra Foam Dressing is indicated for the absorption and retention of moderate to heavy exudates on partial to full thickness wounds and can be placed on a wound for up to seven days. A secondary dressing will be required to secure the dressing in place.

For use on moderate to heavily exudating wounds such as: 

• Venous ulcers (leg ulcers)
• Stage II - IV Pressure Ulcers
• Diabetic ulcers
• Donor site wound
• Abrasion wound
• Surgical Incision and excision
• Burns (1st and 2nd degree)


1. Do not use on an infected wound. If redness or allergic symptoms appear, stop use.

2. NuMed Foam Dressings should not be used on dry wounds, necrotic tissue, or on wounds with exposed bone or muscle.

3. Please remove this dressing before applying radiation treatment, including Xray, ultrasonic therapy, thermotherapy or microwave therapy.