About Us

With more than 52-year of experience serving the healthcare industry, Mr. Lawrence Leder founder of NuMed Industries served as Secretary and Chief financial officer of Promise Healthcare Inc until Dec 2012. 

Mr. Leder also served as Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Sun Capital HealthCare, Inc and served as Vice Chairman at Success Healthcare, LLC. Early in his career, as a supervisory auditor for the U.S. General Accounting Office, he was in charge of the nationwide audit of the newly created Medicare program. He also provided testimony to the House Ways and Means Sub-Committee regarding Medicare and to several state rate-setting commissions on Medicaid. 

Mr. Leder left the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) to start his own healthcare consulting practice. As consulting accountant for the Archdiocese of the City of New York, he worked with Cardinal Cook Health Center, St. Claire's Hospital, Cabrini Hospital, St. Vincent's Hospital, and Lady of Mercy Hospital. He served as Healthcare Manager and Reimbursement Specialist for Coopers & Lybrand's New York office, where he focused on the valuation and collectability of medical receivables and provided counsel to banks and other asset-based lending institutions. 

His extensive and unmatched experience, both in the the healthcare industry as well as in financial/accounting field, are an integral part of our success as a company. Mr. Lawrence Leder's long established career offers NuMed Industries a vantage point into the business of wound care manufacturing.